CS 61B Data Structures, Spring 2015
Instructor: Josh Hug
Lecture 1: MWF, 2-3 PM, 1 Pimentel
Lecture 2: MWF, 11-12 PM, 150 Wheeler
Contact Us
Contact all the staff (instructor and TAs): cs61b@inst.eecs.berkeley.edu
Josh Hug
hug (at) cs.berkeley.edu
OH: W 1-2 PM, F 12-1 PM (779 Soda)
Random Times (Bechtel)
One time this happened.
Teaching Assistants
Note: All office hours take place in the Garbarini Lounge (Bechtel Engineering Center on the 2nd floor, near the entrance to Sibley Auditorium) unless noted otherwise.
alanyao (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Wed 4-5 PM
Greetings and salutations. My name is Alan Yao, sometimes with an imaginary unit at the end ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I'm an EECS Junior and my main interests are games and animu. I also happen to like theory, graphics, and CV.
aykamko (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Tue 3-4 PM
Hi, hello, konnichi wa! I’m a third year EECS major and I am an avid fan of kimchi, especially when it’s in my mouth. Aside for doing CS related things, I love to play Super Smash Bros, listen to hipster music, and ride my bike (with no handle bars). I also made it to the top 100 players worldwide for Super Hexagon during my first year at Cal. Oh, and I love to teach 61B! :)
Alexander Chou
chou.alexander (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Tue 1-2 PM
I'm a 4th year undergrad studying Math and Computer Science and I'm originally from southern California (Walnut, to be exact!). When I'm not programming, you'll probably find me watching anime! Some of the ones I enjoy are (but not limited to): Psycho Pass, Durarara!!, Anohana, and One Piece. I also bake occasionally. =)
Alicia Luengo
aluengo (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Wed 1-2 PM
I'm a fourth year double majoring in CS and Math, and I transferred to Cal last year from a community college in San Diego. Last semester, I TAed for CS61AS (the variable unit version of CS61A), and this is my first time TAing for CS61B.
Amanda Chow
amandachow (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Mon 1-2 PM
Hi! I’m a second year CS major from Massachusetts. I like algorithms and dorky CS jokes.
andrew.huang (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Tue 4-5 PM
I am the course manager for CS 61A and CS 61B. I also teach Introduction to Teaching Computer Science which provides the one-on-one tutors for those classes. I rock climb (poorly) at Bridges Rock Gym. Sometimes I sleep, but not often.
Anusha Ramakuri
anusha.ramakuri (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Wed 2-3 PM
I'm a third-year EECS major from the Bay Area with an interest in algorithms and artificial intelligence. If I'm not coding, I'm probably drawing/painting, hiking, reading, or watching basketball. Go Warriors!
Austin Chen
chen.austin (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Tue 10-11 AM
Hi, I'm Austin! Besides a passion for building things in software, I also enjoy longboarding, racquetball, and certain anime. Ask me anytime about internships, research, or anything that comes to mind!
Brendan Hu
brendan.hu (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Mon 11-12 PM, Thu 11-12 PM
Hey everyone! I'm a CS major from Louisiana interested in Graphics and Security. I'm excited to have the opportunity this semester to grow as a teacher, programmer and person. In my spare time, I enjoy playing tennis and rock climbing. Feel free to drop me a line if you're looking for CS tips or help!
Chris Jeng
chrisjeng (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Wed 2-3 PM
Last year, I faked an accent for a MatLab game show. I once fell down a mountain and almost got speared on a fence. From my many failures in life, I have amassed a plethora of lol-zy stories. If you're interested, I would love to tell you a story. Seriously. Reach out to me, and I'll tickle your hand. I want to make sure your 61B experience is as meaningful and interesting as possible, and that all starts by letting me meet you. But what about you? Why are you reading past semester's TA's bios? jk I do it too
dnguyen44 (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Mon 4-5 PM
Hi, I'm Daniel. I'm a second year CS, Linguistics, and Japanese triple major (with a Korean minor). In my free time, (yes you can still have free time with more than one major), I enjoy listening to K-pop. I'm looking forward to an amazing semester with you all this spring!
denniszhao (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Wed 11-12 PM
Hello! I'm a 3rd year studying CS and (applied) math. I like building web apps and am also interested in the intersection between art and technology, how one can supplement or even create the other. In my free time I like stretching/doing yoga, laying in bed, or being really freakin good at Snapchat. I'm really excited to be teaching 61B this semester and looking forward to meeting you!
japheth.wong (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Wed 10-11 AM
I'm currently a senior in EECS from Cupertino, CA. I've interned for the past three summers, most recently at Facebook. I love traveling and am interested in photography (still learning though :-/). I studied abroad in Scotland during Fall 2013 and thoroughly enjoyed my experience (and yes, it is easy to do that despite being a CS or EECS major :)).
Jene Li
jene (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Mon 1-3 PM
Hi, I'm a 4th year EECS major hailing from the great town of Stockton, CA. My main interests include food, food, and more food. I enjoy cooking, eating, and looking at food. I have more interests including CS and teaching, but you'll have to ask me about them in person to find out!
Jerry Cheng
jerrycheng (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Wed 1-2 PM
Hey everyone! I'm a third year EECS major. When I'm not doing school-related stuff, I enjoy gaming, snowboarding, and finding new places to eat good food. Looking forward to meeting all of you and having a great semester!
Jimmy Lee
jlee604 (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Mon 2-3 PM
Hi! My name is Jimmy, and I am a third year EECS major here at Berkeley. I enjoy listening to music and watching anime on my free time. Yellowcard and Digimon are great conversation starters with me. Looking forward to an awesome semester!
Joseph Moghadam
jmoghadam (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Tue 3-4 PM
Hi I'm Joey! I'm a 4th year EECS major and linguistics minor. My hobbies include nicknaming people, flipping coins, and reading. I'm looking forward to a challenging and rewarding semester with you all!
Leo Colobong
lcolobong (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Mon 3-4 PM
Hello there! I'm Leo, a third-year EECS major! In my spare time, I'm usually looking for a good show to watch and/or playing Hearthstone. Looking forward to spending the semester with everyone and making things happen! Like fetch. Let's make fetch happen.
Matthew Chow
matthewchow (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Tue 2-3 PM
Greetings! My name's Matthew, and I'm an EECS major from Sunnyvale, CA. I enjoy seeing people succeed, eating food that I can't cook myself, watching murder/criminal/drama TV shows, taking afternoon naps, listening to people's life stories, and many other things.
Melanie Cebula
melaniecebula (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Wed 4-5 PM
Hi I'm Melanie! I am a junior CS major at UC Berkeley, software engineer, Hackers@Berkeley officer, open source contributor, makeup artist, swing dancer, huge foodie, feminist, and classically trained musician! I sometimes binge watch TLC shows.
Patrick Lutz
pglutz (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Tue 2-3 PM, Wed 5-6 PM
Hi, my name is Patrick Lutz and I'm an third year majoring in Math. Aside from Math I am interested in CS and Physics. In my spare time I like to run, read (especially science fiction and comics) and think about math.
sarahjkim (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Wed 11-12 PM
Hello everyone! I am a third year CS major who enjoys sleeping, eating, and designing websites. (I also TA for the Web Design Decal.) I love learning things and feeling mind-blown by those things. I am very excited to meet you all, and I hope we have lots of fun this spring!
zhaoyan1117 (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Wed 3-4 PM
Yan has been a Cal Bear for four years. He likes travel and cooking. Rest assured you will have a wonderful semester with him! Go Bears!
akhilbatra (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Wed 11-1 PM
I am a Computer Science and Economics double major at UC Berkeley. I started programming in 9th grade and have never stopped loving it since. I am interested in front-end development, mainly computer graphics and design, as well as 3D animation. Outside of school, I love playing soccer, swimming, and martial arts (3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do).
Allen Zhou
allenxzhou (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Wed 10-11 AM, Fri 10-11 AM
Hello! I am a fourth year Computer Science major, Education minor. My hobbies consist of basketball, snowboarding, singing, and puns (amongst other things). Oh, by the way, do you want to hear a secret? I butter not tell you. You might... spread it!
Andrew Blum
andrewblum (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Mon 5-6 PM
bsu (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Mon 10-11 AM
Hi! I'm a second year studying CS. I enjoy traveling, photography, and fashion.
Calley Wang
calwang (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Mon 4-5 PM, Wed 3-4 PM
Hi! I'm a second year CS major. 61B was my favorite lower div course and I hope it'll be yours too. Also if you like history, urban transportation, bad jokes, or good food then I'm your man!
Charles Zhang
charles2299 (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Tue 12-1 PM, Wed 1-2 PM
Hi, I am a second-year EECS major who used to live in Wisconsin. In my spare time, I enjoy pretending to be good at Hearthstone, trying to understand House of Cards and seeking the meaning of life. (If you know the answer to that last one, do let me know).
Colbert Guan
colbyguan (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Mon 3-4 PM, Tue 2-3 PM
Hello, I am a 2nd year CS Major. I can recite the first digit of pi, brush my teeth with one hand, and run a mile within a day. Wow!
Daniel Sochor
dansochor (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Thu 3-4 PM
I'm a sophomore CS major from the Bay Area. In my free time, I like to exercise and read about history. I'm really excited to be sharing this course with you!
Fan Ye
mike_ye2016 (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Mon 11-12 PM
Hey there, I'm Fan, a junior CS and Cog Sci major with an interest in algorithms. I like rock climbing, playing badminton and watching movies. Looking forward to sharing a great semester with you all!
Gilbert Ghang
gilbertghang (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Tue 5-6 PM, Thu 4-5 PM
Hey, I'm Gilbert and I'm a third year EECS major from SoCal. When I'm not coding, I like to discover new music, skateboard, and read up on the latest space-related news. I also spend way too much time laughing at my own jokes.
Giulio Zhou
gzhou123 (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Mon 1-2 PM, Wed 11-12 PM
Hey everyone! My name is Giulio and I’m a third year CS major interested in artificial intelligence and machine learning. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, playing trumpet/piano and trying out all kinds of new food places. Hope you guys are all looking forward to 61B!
Thomas Kim
kimthomas109 (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Wed 12-1 PM
I’m a 2nd year CS major with an interest in graphics. When I have the chance, I watch anime and look for cool ways to improve my Sublime Text usage (let me in on your ST secrets if you have any please!). I’m looking forward to spending a great semester with you all!
Jasmine Giang
jasminegiang (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Tue 3-4 PM
Hi! I'm a third-year CS major from LA. I recently switched from Chemistry to CS, and I'm loving it! I enjoy yelp-ing for good food, watching tv/movies, puzzling, and being told really corny jokes.
jjwon (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Fri 11-1 PM
Hi, I'm a 4th year EECS major. I like video games, nonprofits, and art. When I'm not doing schoolwork, you can find me coding for Blueprint, making things with InnoD, or hanging out with brothers in Theta Tau. Feel free to ask me anything!
Jason Zhang
jason.zhang (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Fri 1-3 PM
I'm a third year CS major from the Bay Area who enjoys consuming media, reading history, and telling bad jokes. Programming is cool too, I guess.
Khalid Shakur
khalidshakur (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Mon 12-1 PM, Wed 2-3 PM
Bonjour, my name is Khalid Shakur but my friends call me Shak. I am a second year L&S CS major. If you couldn't tell by the "bonjour" I study French; I have also applied to Haas and have some interests in Stats. 61B is splendid and I hope to help show you why!
Laura Harker
lharker (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Tue 11-12 PM, Thu 2-3 PM
Hi, I'm Laura, second year CS major and Math minor. When not studying I like reading scifi, singing, and looking at adorable dog pictures (and sleeping). Hope you all enjoy the wonderful world of 61B!
Nick Fong
cs61b (at) nicholas-fong.com
OH: Wed 5-6 PM
Hi, I'm Nick, a third-year CS major. I'm really excited to work with all of you this semester, and hope that you find that taking CS61B is a rewarding experience!
nsrose (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Mon 12-1 PM
Hey, my name's Nick and I'm a second year CS major. I usually will be skiing, cooking, surfing, and sometimes I will be typing words on a computer to make things happen on the screen. I also love pranks, so be warned.
Ross Teixeira
ross.teixeira (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Tue 12-2 PM
Hey I’m Ross, a second year studying CS and enjoying it as much as everything in my life: a ton! You can catch me throwing Frisbees, playing on Steam and my 3DS or collecting video game music. For me, learning and having fun can never be separated. Can’t wait to brighten your day and get you ecstatic about 61B!
Rudy Laprade
rlaprade (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Tue 4-5 PM, Wed 12-1 PM
Hi, I'm Rudy, a second-year EECS major from Florida. I spend most of my time playing and watching League of Legends, and I love puns. You might say my puns are in another league.
sean.zhu (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Mon 2-3 PM
Hi there! I'm a third year CS major dabbling in a bit of everything, including graphics, education, puns, open source, hip hop dance, and pop music. I like to keep myself busy – I do stuff for Tumblr, the Daily Cal, and some student groups on campus – and as such I've unknowingly also become an expert at staying up late. I love meeting all kinds of people, so come say hi!
tara.rezvani (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Mon 3-4 PM
Hi! I'm a second year student with an intended double major in CS and CogSci. I enjoy boba, kittens and painting. Also, I have a pet goldfish named Broseidon, Lord of the Brocean. I hope you guys enjoy CS61B as much as I did. Looking forward to a great semester!
Wesley Hsu
wesley_hsu (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Tue 11-1 PM
Hi! I am a junior studying EECS, and when I'm not hopelessly staring at code, I enjoy playing basketball, eating, and sleeping. Apart from those, I am also a part of Koinonia Christian Fellowship here on campus!
Yujie Huang
yujie.huang (at) berkeley.edu
OH: Wed 3-4 PM, Fri 2-3 PM
Hi I'm Yujie. I'm a second year EECS major.